I'm Iris, your principal travel consultant. I am addicted to traveling. My love for travel led me to helping others see the world!

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Iris is an ambitious entrepreneur, loving mother and grandmother, devoted humanitarian, and a real-life success story. After decades of working in Corporate America, she left it all behind in 2006 and decided to step out on faith by founding her own daycare center, a strategic move for her personally and professionally at the time as it was the same year she gave birth to twins. The success of the center led Iris to develop other successful business ventures: Queens Entertainment Group, LLC, a mobile bartending company and event planning agency; and Surreal Journeys Travel, LLC, a successful travel agency with its own social media following and group that Iris personally travels with around the world.

With such drive and ambition, one would be surprised to learn of Iris’ inauspicious beginnings as a homeless high school drop out and teen mom. But Iris has never been one to let adversity stand in her way. Iris now holds three degrees, including a Masters in Teaching and Learning with Technology. Yet, despite all of her accomplishments, Iris lovingly brags that her biggest accomplishments are her five amazing children and handsome grandson.

Iris is passionate about travel and stepping out of one’s comfort zones to enjoy the priceless experiences and lessons gained through travel. She has personally witnessed the transformation that takes place when people are exposed to new experiences. As such, Iris takes pride in helping people make their dream vacations become a reality by offering affordable trips with low deposits and flexible payment plans to destinations anywhere around the world. PLUS, she goes the extra mile by assisting her clients with budgeting as well. It’s no wonder with this level of expertise and service that Iris has been nicknamed the “Queen of vacations” by her friends and clients.

Life has taken Iris on a journey. Through it all, she has lived by her motto of “Do what makes you happy, and the money will come.” Luckily for her family, friends, and clients, she has translated all of her life experiences into being a great source of information on anything from parenting to education to travel and all things in between.

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